I am passionate about telling your health story. After struggling with my own mental health problems, I never spoke about it because...well, is it ever socially acceptable to talk about these things?
But recently I realized that talking about health achievements is really important! It can change our notions about resilience and can also be motivating for other people who are struggling.
So I’m devoting my art to telling not just my story, but yours as well.
And for those who are interested in how I became an artist, here's this--


BA in Anthropology, California State Scholar, Cal State U Northridge 1974
MA in Museum Studies, Minor in Folklife, The George Washington University 1983
Curator of Collections, Washington County Museum, Portland, OR 1984 - 1987
Public Programmer, NYS Archives, Albany, NY 1987 - 1989
Motherhood 1989 - forever
Artist-in-Education 1997 - 2017
Artist from when I was four years old - the present

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