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Don’t give a shit watercolor becomes don’t give a shit silk painting

I’m fascinated by how things can completely change by just doing one thing differently. So I like to create the same design using different media. Last March I painted a little watercolor of our 30-year-old towels and wrote about how I don’t give a shit that they are stained and have holes. I still do not give a shit about the towels, and am now creating a silk painting of the same design. The silk painting needs more work–the towels don’t yet look raggedy enough.

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What’s old is… again, like the art of silk painting. I lost interest in it for awhile, but when my friend Kim Stubbs was in my studio last year, she wanted a lesson. Her enthusiasm reignited mine and I’ve started painting again. This is a piece from a few years ago, inspired by the morning glory vine that threatened to take over my back yard. I’ll post my new paintings as they develop.


I spent the day…

…being annoyed with acronyms as I worked with pdf’s, jpg’s, and trying to get the right dpi for photos like this one. I’m using the photos to make greeting cards that I’ll sell as soon as my new website is finished. Or at least I hope it’s soon because I’m getting awfully tired of those acronyms.


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