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Lookee! I used to have very dark hair!

This is me in the outfit that I made and wore when I taught my special art programs. I loved the teaching but finally just had had enough of the endless prep. A few years ago I gave away my teaching materials and have been transitioning to selling my art.


Meet my mother-in-law

Sometimes the aggravation level builds to a point where you just have to release some of the pressure, so I’m doing a series of vignettes about my mother-in-law. Here you see the wig I made to resemble her hair, which is teased, over-treated, and then sprayed into submission. Over the next few weeks I’ll be recreating some of my more memorable moments with her and posting them here.

God and country

I am fascinated how religion and patriotism get mixed up here in the United States. I believe that it’s a dangerous trend. America was founded on the separation of church and state because people came here fleeing religious oppression.
I started collecting both uber-religious and uber-patriotic paraphernalia and mixed them together in this corner of my studio. When I spotted this heavily, overly, extremely gaudily sequined shirt, I had to have it.

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How a set of dentures ended up on the road, I cannot guess. That’s what I found recently when I was taking my daily walk around the neighborhood. During my walks, I’m always on the lookout for interesting things to add to my collection of tsotchkes. As you can see, some of them end up as part of my plaster junk pieces. But the dentures? Tempting to bring them back to the studio, but I left them behind, as I imagined a toothless neighbor frantically searching for them.


Silk collage

I’ve been rummaging through my gigantic bin of hand painted silk scraps to make collages like the one you see in the photo below and also here. The scrap pile keeps growing, both when I mess up a silk painting and when I’m just experimenting. These are really fun to make, so you’ll see more of them in the future.


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