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I need cats

I recently got back from Italy, where we stayed in the southern part of the country, the part called Puglia. One of the places we stayed in was a trullo, which is a dwelling made of stone with a roof that’s shaped like a cone. They were popular in this particular region at the end of the 1800’s. Aside from staying in a beautiful, historic dwelling, I also had time with the host’s ferociously needy cat, which temporarily filled my own ferocious need for cats.

watercolor of Italian trullo

Daily drawing sessions

Drawing is like anything else—do it a lot and you get better. Since most of my art has been of the 3-D variety, I never practiced drawing until a few years ago. Now I start most mornings with a pencil in my hand even if I only have a few minutes to draw something simple.


Frightening birthday clown

I have written before about my birthday ritual, which takes the place of gift-giving. The ritual is this—I go to a thrift store with my family and have them compete with each other to find the ugliest and most useless item. I choose and then buy the most hideous of the tsotchkes & proclaim the person who found it to be the winner. I turned 66 in April. My husband won the competition with this frightening clown. It looks like it was a part of something larger—perhaps a lamp that would scare children into doing whatever their parents told them to do? Some sort of nightmare-inducing game? Whatever it was, it now lives in my studio and makes me laugh whenever I look at it.


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