I spent the day…

…being annoyed with acronyms as I worked with pdf’s, jpg’s, and trying to get the right dpi for photos like this one. I’m using the photos to make greeting cards that I’ll sell as soon as my new website is finished. Or at least I hope it’s soon because I’m getting awfully tired of those acronyms.


Birth of the Peeps (not the kind you eat)

I once had a part-time job stocking cards for Hallmark. Some of the writing on the cards was such sickly-sweet, nausea-inducing drivel that I felt I could do better. I made lots of these little people, thinking that I would pose them and then take photos to go on the front of the cards. But by the time I finished making them, I had learned that the profit margin on the cards can be so small that it wasn’t worth my while. So the bendy people sat in my studio for a few years, and now I use them to act out whatever drama I can dream up.

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