Progress on my latest relief sculpture

I posted a little while ago about how a gigantic pig that I saw while in Greece inspired me to create a sculpture of a pig face. The background of the piece is flat, but the pig’s face will be three-dimensional. As you see in these photos, I’m working on the background and building the armature that will become the pig’s face. More to come as the piece progresses!

We were taking a walk…

…on the Greek island Sifnos, when I thought, “What is that horrible smell?” We walked a bit further and when I looked down into a little valley, I saw a pig so enormous I'm guessing he was 6' tall and his snout looked to be at least as long as my arm.

I couldn’t get that pig out of my mind. When I got back home and into the studio, I decided to build a relief sculpture of his long snout. My sculptures start off with a simple drawing; I will keep you updated as it progresses.


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