I spent the day…

…being annoyed with acronyms as I worked with pdf’s, jpg’s, and trying to get the right dpi for photos like this one. I’m using the photos to make greeting cards that I’ll sell as soon as my new website is finished. Or at least I hope it’s soon because I’m getting awfully tired of those acronyms.


Happy birthday to me!

When my family asked what I wanted for my birthday, I said, Let’s all go to a thrift store and have a competition. Whoever finds an object that is the most useless and revolting wins.

The competition was tough because this particular thrift seems to specialize in useless, revolting things, but when I had to choose, I chose this.

The message on the base reads, “Love is...crying buckets when he goes away.” Yes, well, it’s certainly a good idea to cry a lot when your beloved has someplace else to be. And to be naked while you’re doing it.

But there’s also a special feature that you can’t see in this photo. Wind it up and it plays the tune from an equally revolting movie, “Love Story”. A catchphrase of the movie was “love means never having to say you’re sorry”, which, after being married for 32 years, I can tell you is just hilarious.


I never did trust Facebook

Facebook requires all this personal information just to sign up! So before I did a real profile, I tested it out by creating a fake one, using the photo that you see here and the name Cherise Glomp.

As of this writing, Cherise has only 2 friends, both of whom are my children. My husband took one look and refused to “friend” me! So please friend Cherise if you’d like. She could use the company!

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