My little starter home


One more thing about which I do not give a shit:

Measured against housing in the rest of the world, my home is perfectly palatial! But if I compare it to the size of new homes in the United States, it's an itsy bitsy starter home. Nevertheless, it's what I prefer (less room to make a mess, less mess to clean up). Do you think that I give a shit that there are people who have looked down their noses at me because my home is relatively small?

No, I do not.

I need cats

I recently got back from Italy, where we stayed in the southern part of the country, the part called Puglia. One of the places we stayed in was a trullo, which is a dwelling made of stone with a roof that’s shaped like a cone. They were popular in this particular region at the end of the 1800’s. Aside from staying in a beautiful, historic dwelling, I also had time with the host’s ferociously needy cat, which temporarily filled my own ferocious need for cats.

watercolor of Italian trullo

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